Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why I Write

I do not know what greater purpose God may or may not have for my writing but I know I have to write. How do I know that? Let me tell you.

God spoke to me in the shower. No, the fact that I need to write is not what He was speaking to me, I’m getting to that.

He took my ramblings and with one thought He corrected them. What He said to me can change me. It can change my attitude, my prayer life, my focus, and my desires. I am in awe of Him this morning. I am in love with Him this morning. I have been deeply moved by Him this morning as He spoke to me in the shower.

So what about this gives me the conviction to write? The simple fact that it is Wednesday morning and by Friday I will have a hard time remembering whether or not I even had a shower two days ago.

I have a longing to hold on to His insight that I am blessed with this morning. It sickens me to realize that this incredible moment I had with God could slip away unremembered. It shames me to think of all the moments that could have changed me but didn’t. He has given me the opportunity to grow, to grow closer to Him, to grow more like Him. I don’t want to walk away unchanged.

I need to remember, I need to grow, I need to be changed. And so, I need to write.
(I’ll share what He spoke, but not until tonight when the house is quiet!)