Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?"

I've been thinking lately about being known. I love being able to write here. I love that my husband can read all that pours out of my head and my heart and know me. It's a really wonderful feeling to be known. To have someone interested in you and knowing you better.

But I'm coming to realize that it's not what I want at all. In a selfish way I long for people to see me and know me and to understand me. When I consider my life with eternal perspective though, when you look at my life I want you to see Jesus.

I live in a world obsessed with identity. Find your identity. Hold on to your identity. Shred all your documents so no one can steal your identity. Leave a marriage if you start to lose your identity. And having children! Well, if you're going to do that then you'd better work extra hard to keep your identity! Darn kids - identity thieves!

God, however, has a different plan for my identity. He says lose it. His Son died that I may be made new. A new creation. In Christ. Jesus is my new identity.

Okay, are you wondering yet what this has to do with Sponge Bob? Well, as I pondered these identity thoughts in the shower, a certain Sponge Bob episode came to mind.

Squidward wanted to transform the Krusty Krab from a burger joint into a 5-star restaurant. Sponge Bob was given a new assignment. The porous little fry cook was asked to become...a waiter! What is a waiter? What do I do? Where are you taking my spatula!! Yeah, it sent my favorite yellow sponge into a quite a panic. The solution? Squidward gave him a book. In it was everything Sponge Bob needed to know to be a waiter.

Now, the book was very large and time was very short. Squidward gave Sponge Bob a pep talk. Empty everything you now know out of your head! This book is all you should know.

So, here's the picture that comes to mind as I'm pondering wanting to be known and my identity in Christ. Inside Sponge Bob's mind, little Bob's are racing, scrambling, sirens blaring, as they shred and burn every document in every file.

In the end it didn't work out because the poor little sea creature couldn't remember his name. But in Christ, that's okay with me. My name? I don't need to remember it, my Father has it written in His book. It's safe.

In a world of people clinging to identities for dear life, I want to let go of mine and find life. My identity is in Christ so if you get to me you will meet Jesus. That is my prayer.