Saturday, June 6, 2009


...Emily Joy!!!

Isn't she beautiful?

One week ago, I woke up feeling, well, funny. I really can't explain it but soon after that my water started leaking. Of course, I wasn't sure that it was my water but let's not discuss what the other possibility was. Moving on. So, at 11am I headed to the clinic for my midwife to check me. Gary and the whole clan waited in the waiting room while my midwife confirmed that our little girl was on her way!

The plan was to go home and let things progress and then meet my midwife at the hospital at 8pm. We all headed out to the parking lot to leave and then realized that Rachel had lost the keys to the van! Ten minutes later, we found them under a magazine in the waiting room, and headed to our friend's house to drop the kids off. Gary and I paced around the house and packed a bag to drop off for the kids as everything started to sink in and contractions started to get stronger.

And did I mention that it was my Mom's birthday? I was so excited to be having her on her Grandma's birthday, as was Grandma! Gary and I met my Mom at Culver's for lunch around 1:30 and not only did my Mom get a complimentary birthday custard, but Gary asked if the baby could have hers too, since that day would be her birthday!

We didn't know what to do with ourselves so we walked around CVS and bought her a pacifier and a watch to time contractions. Then we headed to the grocery store and bought a birthday cake. We finally decided to head to the hospital early. And at just after 4 my midwife broke my water to help things along.

Around 8 they decided to hook me up to the monitors and check baby and see where I was at.

Things stopped going slowly then.

At 8:15 she said I was 5cm and said that we would wait a while to see if the contractions started working better and if not we would have to start pitocin.

Then at 8:53, on May 30, our little 8lb 5 oz, 19 1/2 in miracle entered this world!!!!

Oh, and the cord was around her neck, but very loosely.

We thank God for blessing us with our little Emily Joy!!! (Who happens to be in my lap right now, requesting a diaper change.)