Friday, August 21, 2009

1/2 a Score and 2 Years Ago...

God blessed me with a little bundle who made me a mommy! At 3:30am on Aug. 21, 1997, I woke up to discover that my labor had started. I did want any woman would do and went back to sleep! When I finally did get up, I gave Gary a haircut so he would look nice for pictures (how thoughtful am I?) and he went to work. Really, he did. Hey, he was paid hourly back then and we weren't positive yet that I would be admitted when I went in to see if my water had leaked. In fact, when my mom took me to the hospital at 8am the nurses weren't thinking that I would be admitted either and didn't start the admission process until after 11am when it was confirmed that my water had leaked and my midwife broke my bag to speed things up!

Alison Elizabeth entered this world at 5:07pm! 7lb 5 oz and 21 inches long! It was a beautiful day and I still can't believe God has blessed me so much! I sure don't deserve her...but sometimes I think she does deserve me!

She was adorable then and gets cuter every year! And every year she makes me laugh more and works hard to be more unique. She has no desire to seek popularity, to be like everyone else. Nope, not my girl! Weird is what she wants to be...and she does it well!

Monday, she'll start middle school. I can't believe how fast these 12 years have gone! And what's more amazing is that as much as I love her (which is A LOT!) there is One who loves her more than I ever could. And I pray that as she grows she will choose to have her own relationship with her Savior and live her life to please the Lord. And she can be weird while she does it!


Now, I'm off to make 12 Swedish pancakes and serve her breakfast in bed! (She'd better share!)

dited to correct the title and thank you mom for the lesson in how many years a "score" is!)