Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrating Birthdays

I love celebrating birthdays!

I think it's a wonderful thing to remember.

Remembering the day I first became a mom. The day I first laid eyes on a little life that had grown inside of me. Remembering all of the years of memories I've been blessed to make with my daughter since that day, her birthday! It is because of how she has touched my life that I enjoy taking that one special day each year and celebrating...her.

Then there is the day that I held my first son. He was special that first day just because he was mine. And he grows more special each year as we get to know him more and more. And each year in December, I love to show him just how special he is to me.

His little brother blessed our family on a very special day in August. He tipped the scale and we girls were officially outnumbered by boys. He was a gift we had not planned on. One of those gifts that you didn't ask for, but the giver knew you so well that He gave you exactly what you didn't know you needed! He has been filling up my heart ever since, and I love to celebrate his life.

A few years later, a little sister joined the group. She blessed this family at a time when I didn't think we could handle such a blessing. Four years later, I know that we can't! And every year in March I celebrate God's grace when I celebrate the day He gave me a blessing I didn't deserve.

And in May, I have the joy of celebrating two very special women in my life. My youngest daughter, the little girl I accidentally prayed for, came into my life on my Mom's birthday. So on a beautiful day in May I get to celebrate a little girl I get to raise and love and teach, and the woman who made sure I grew up knowing Jesus. Two lives I love to celebrate.

But as much as I cherish these birthdays and enjoy making cakes to celebrate each of these lives that mean so much to me, there is a birthday that is far more special. The birthday of the One who has blessed my life more than anyone else. The One who was born just for me.

Today, I am making cookies, making a birthday cake, wrapping gifts, and remembering.

I wasn't there at His birth.

I only know Him through love letters that His Father wrote to me.

He was promised long before He was born. His birth proved that His Father is faithful, that His promises are true. That He loves me.

He was born so that I could be born again.

He was born so that I could know His Father, the One who created me, and so that I could call Him Father too.

He was born so that He could die.

For me.

And today, I'm excited to celebrate His birth!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!