Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reading Through the Bible in One Night? and a few random thoughts

There are things I want to write. My thoughts today about prayer. Parts of my book that are starting to flow in my mind. But more urgent tonight is reading.

The conviction I shared in my last post has left me desperate to catch up on my Bible reading plan. I started Jan. 1, 2008 on my path to reading through the Bible in one year. I felt the need to have something keeping me accountable to being in the Word daily. It is exactly what I needed. It has definitely been a tool in my training myself to spend daily time with God.

I don't know what got me off course, but April has not been a good month. I've been undisciplined and sloppy. I've read some of a day's reading but not all and tried to play catch up and failed. I think I may be a whole week behind. But worse, I'm not sure what I've read and not read from the last week. I have utterly confused myself.

I have contemplated scraping the goal and just focusing on spending time in the Word. But I can't. I have to press on. I want to be committed and get back on track. Not so that next January I can say I did it, but because I've seen how it's disciplining me to be in the Word each morning. I don't feel like my goal of reading the through the Bible is any higher than choosing a particular book to study or even just reading random passages each day. Whatever I choose to read each day is not about conquering the Book, it's about knowing my God. Whatever I choose, or feel lead to read, I know God will reveal Himself to me.

But tonight I want to try to catch up, to get back on track. This reading plan has been a great exercise in discipline for me and I don't want to abandon that.

A few random thoughts before I go...

...I can sum up, in one word, the reason I don't home school. Alison. (I love you to pieces, Al!)

...I have no idea when Garrett had a shower last. I keep forgetting about him. (I love you to pieces, too, Gigs!)

...I love writing.

...Jason Castro should be the next American Idol. But if he's not, it's my fault because I don't vote.

...Coughing really grosses me out. And not many things really gross me out. But coughing, bllleckkkk.

It's Aidan coughing, by the way, so I'm off to get the cough medicine out and then settle in to finish off Deuteronomy and half of Joshua!