Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Square One. Ah, It's Nice to be Back.

Here I am, back at square one. And I couldn't be happier. Here's a look at how I arrived.

Aidan wanted a camouflage room. Garrett agreed. I don't remember when they first mentioned that but it's been fairly recently. I do remember that the creative mind God blessed me with, immediately began crafting "the vision".

I had found camouflage comforters at Walmart, which I didn't purchase yet, just making a plan. Well, after getting the go-ahead from Gary this weekend, I headed out Monday morning for comforters. Didn't happen. They didn't have twin sized and they ended up being $30 instead of $20 like I thought.

Not a problem. I'll start with paint. So I spent my Monday afternoon with a gallon of primer, saying goodbye to the baseball theme I had painted for "my little man" 7 years ago. Sniff. The boys were very excited for the project to be underway. Except. Garrett wants a dinosaur room.

Not a problem. All the dinosaur comforters I've seen had brown in them. It will all coordinate fine. Monday night I tested the beautiful, beautiful "gaucho" brown that my beautiful, beautiful friend came to loan me.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Aidan and Garrett got home from Awanas and I sent them up to see the small brown space on the wall.

There was no love.

Then Aidan tells me, "Mom, I want the gray and white and black camouflage."

Now I have no love.

But not a problem. Tuesday I spent some time online searching for gray camo bedding. Target has it! $60! Problem. It's out of stock. Solves the problem.

After school I called the boys over to the computer. I show them the gray out-of-stock bedding. Yes, that is the one they both now want. I explain that it's not available yet, do you like the blue? Then I hold my breath and pray for a "no" (it's still $60, after all). "No, we don't like the blue." Now I can breathe again. I start to scroll down and before I said a word, they both spotted the normal green camo bedding and shout "that one"!!

Gaucho is back in. $30 Walmart comforters, back in. Not another word will be spoken of this project until it is complete. I am back at Square One and I'm not leaving.

I do wonder, however...if you come full circle why do you end up back at square one?