Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Are What You Eat

I know the secret of being healthy and fit. Eat right and exercise. Of course, knowing and doing are two very different things. If I want to be healthy and fit, I have to change my eating habits and get active. If I did that you would start to see changes.

What about our spiritual health? I think it's the same secret. Eat right and exercise.

We are constantly being fed. The movies and t.v. shows we watch are feeding us. The music we listen to is feeding us, even if we claim not to be really paying attention. The people we listen to are feeding us. They can feed our egos or feed us lies that leave our self esteem malnourished. They can feed us God's truth or their version of it.

If we want to be spiritually healthy, chances are we need to change some of our eating habits. It's been quite awhile now since God made it clear to me that I needed to change the music I listened to. And more recently, He's been changing my t.v. habits. He's not putting me on a diet where I'm forced to deny myself everything enjoyable in life. He's helping me to make lifestyle changes. Replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. He's also shown me that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. So, I get up before my day starts to get in His word. And He feeds me.

Exercise. Physically, eating right without exercise or exercise without eating right, doesn't work. I don't think it does spiritually either. We need to get active. Get involved. Put our faith to work. Becoming active in the church has brought new friendships. Godly friendships that have brought about growth. And serving, well, that definitely brings growth.

If you eat right, you have the calories for the energy you need to be active. In the same way, when you are being fed by God's word, He gives you what you need to be active. So do something. Get involved in the lives of other believers. Serve them. Fellowship with them. Get involved in the lives of non-believers and love them. Show them the God you serve. Get active.

My husband and I have been starting to change our eating habits and get active. I can see the changes it's making, I hope the world can too.

John 6:46
Ephesians 4
Philippians 4:8-9