Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Owner's Manual

Problems on the playground. There are two sides to the story of course and I want to get to the truth. God, I need some direction here. I need a trouble-shooting guide. Instructions laid out in easy to follow steps.

I need an owner's manual. The only problem is that the manual I need is not for something I own. Contrary to his birth certificate, Aidan belongs You, God. He was born into our family, placed in our care by Your design. But I don't own him. God, he was born as lost as the rest of us. He is really only mine to lead to You.

I want to lead him to you. God, help me reach him. Help me to hear from You because You know what will reach him. The fierce love of a mother bear in me, wants to tear someone apart. It's just not sure if that someone is my own son or the "other" kids. Your peace that comes to rest in me tells me that the "other" kids are worth praying for but my job is here with Aidan. God let the truth be revealed. Let nothing be hidden. Reveal what lies beneath the surface we see. And give me all that I need to lead Aidan to You.

My prayer is that through this struggle, Aidan will emerge stronger. Convicted and justly disciplined. And closer to You with a desire to hear Your voice, obey, and please You. That he will grow in favor with men and with God. That he will live this life in the world but not of the world.