Friday, September 12, 2008

What I'm Learning Today

I was going to write about some lessons God's been teaching me lately. There are several at the moment. I really want to sit down with thoughts I've been having about my focus. I will do that later.

Right now, my focus has shifted to Rachel. And here's what I've learned from her:

If you're going to play with an imaginary baseball in the house, you should really use an imaginary bat too.

I know. I'm 35 years old, I shouldn't still be learning this lesson. But she was so cute standing there with a plastic bat resting on her shoulder handing me an imaginary ball and saying "Mommy, base ball?"

What else could I do but pitch for her?

There were close calls but no real damage done.

We had a great game of indoor semi-imaginary baseball.

With each pitch she would swing, drop the bat, turn around and run, grab "the ball", run back and hand it to me. I'm not sure if home plate was in between the pitcher and first base or if she actually missed every pitch and because we didn't have a catcher (not even an imaginary one) she had to get the ball for me. Just add that to the long list of things I'll never know.


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

stumbled across your blog..

What a cute post. Such sweet time with your little one, and a good lesson learned. ;) Might have learned that lesson myself some time ago, only there might have been a few knick-knack casualties!


Jodi said...

Robin, Robin, Robin,...I'm glad you learned this lesson without killing anything. "WHAT! NO NET?" (poor fishy fishy)