Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Know This is Fiction

As I was putting kids to bed tonight, I was able to have a really great conversation with Aidan.

Earlier tonight he and Garrett had gone over to our friend's house for a while. When my friend brought them back she announced, "I've got to tell you what your son just did!"

I confess that a) I knew she was talking about Aidan and b) I knew it was not good.

Well, it was Aidan but it was a wonderful thing!

The boys had hopped into the car and each taken a window seat, leaving the middle for her daughter. This did not sit well with her daughter and a fit ensued. My friend asked Aidan if he could move over and let her have the window seat and he hopped right over. When she thanked him, he proceeded to tell her, "Well, we learned in Awanas that we should put God first, then others, then ourselves. So that's what I decided to do."

Go Aidan!!

So, I told him again at bedtime how proud I was that he had made that choice. We talked about several other things and then he said this...

(I'm going to try and type this exactly the way he said it!)

"Mom. I know this is fiction, but you know Meghan (he has a Megan in his class at school)? Well, she just seems like she never sins. But I know that's not right because we all sin! I know she sins but I don't know what her sin is. (then shaking his hands) But I don't want to know what her sin is because I don't like knowing sin."

How sweet is that?

And Meghan's mom. Be encouraged! (you probably do know her sin but don't tell Aidan!)


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

What an adorable post!