Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top Ten Tursday

Kristin, this is how much I love you. Because you enjoyed my top ten list, and because apparently you feel like a week is too long to wait (not surprising!) I give you the first (and last) ever Top Ten Tursday.

Top Ten Things I Love About Kristin

10 - I love that she actually says "ouch" when those "2x4 moments" occur.

9 - I love that she's always trying to feed people (even if it's gum).

8 - I love that she pouts every time someone turns down her food/gum. (And deep down, that's probably why I turn her down...that and I don't like gum.)

7 - I love that she loves to laugh...even at herself. And that she makes me laugh, too.

6 - I love that she knows how to give the perfect foot massage...I just wish I had known that about her sooner and maybe I could have avoided the evil Pitocin during labor! (I have to sing her praises here - she offered this massage the day before they induced my labor with Rachel and it worked! I was contracting on my own and dilated to 3 when I checked in...we should have tried it sooner because they still went ahead with Pitocin - 4cm to 10cm in 20 minutes is no picnic!)

5 - I love that she will celebrate or grieve with me like it's her own joy or sorrow.

4 - I love that I can tell her the truth because I know she wants the truth.

3 - I love that I can count on her to interrupt our conversation and start to pray.

2 - I love that through our friendship I grow closer to the Lord.

1 - I love sharing our journey's together, and knowing that when it's all said and done we'll be hanging out together for eternity.

And I just can't end a post about Kristin without saying:

"Ah-ha, said the blind man...I mean, woman!"