Friday, September 12, 2008

I Promise

Okay, I promise that I will not always be posting about potty-training. I promise I will not document each and every detail and rename my blog "Rachel's Journey to Big-Girl Pants."

But there are moments with my kids that I want to remember forever. So I have to talk one more time about the potty. I just don't want to forget.

We had a great success today.

While jumping on my bed she turned to me and said, "Uh-oh, mommy. Yucky." She scrambled to climb down off the bed and I grabbed her before her feet hit the floor and whisked her into the bathroom and onto the potty. And then she peed! (While she was still going I was in the bedroom checking my sheets...which were dry!)

She has never looked so excited before. We cheered and she exclaimed, "Did it! Rachel did it!" Then came the flush, the washing of hands, and the M&M's (yes I had some left). We thought it would be fun to call Grandma and tell her, so I dialed and gave the phone to Rachel. When my Mom answered, Rachel announced, "Did it!" They "talked" for a minute and then my Mom and I talked for a minute. We mostly mulled over what in world "has" meant and why Rachel kept repeating it on the phone to her.

Oh, it gets better.

Not long after this, I headed downstairs with Garrett to help him on the computer. As I sat at the desk trying every Webkinz username/password combo that I could think to try (we still didn't get it) I heard the toilet lid shut. Then a flush. Still working on that password. Then a cupboard door. Trying all caps then no caps. Then I realized she must have found the M&M's! Ugh. I just couldn't tear myself away from the task of remembering that password! Then a beep. It took a few seconds for it to register.

That beep was the phone!

I headed upstairs where Rachel was perched on the bathroom counter with the M&M's and the phone! When I asked her to give me the phone, she handed it to me, pleading, "No. Rachel. Gam."

She had called Grandma!!!

She's trained all right.

I'm just glad she didn't dial and tell a 911 operator, "Did it! Rachel did it!"

And just to see if anyone is reading, let me know if you think you can figure out what "has" meant! We did figure it out eventually!