Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Bible Study

This morning was the first day of our women's bible study. I love, love, love fall bible study at my church!

Three years ago, I went to my very first bible study at Hope. I didn't know anyone there. I only occasionally attended the church. My marriage was falling apart. I had just found out that I was pregnant with our fourth child. And a month into the study, my husband lost his job. I was a mess.

And the study? Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" - what else?

In the last three years I have grown so much closer to the Lord. No, it's not because the number of bible studies I've taken equates to higher grades on my spiritual report card.

Here is why I love our bible studies.

Iron sharpens iron. I have met wonderful women who I had previously only seen in the halls on Sunday mornings. God has taught me many, many lessons through these women and their lives. One such lesson was from Dorothy Fett. She commented one morning about her belief that these bible studies should not be our only time in God's Word. They should be in addition to a quiet time with Him. Without her words, I would still be investing very little into my relationship with the Lord.

Friendships. I am developing friendships with women that love the Lord. I met my friend, Candy during my very first bible study and have not been put in the same small group with her since. (This is most likely for the same reason my daughter and her best friend have not been in the same class since the first grade...)

God. You just can't go wrong with something that gets you opening up God's Word and knowing Him more deeply.

Today, for the first morning of our fall study, we met our groups and got to know each other. I love my group already and I especially loved being able to introduce myself this time. It's a brand new introduction from the last 3 years.

With each introduction it seemed that "oh, and I have a husband" became everyone's last line. When it came around to me and I mentioned my 4 children, I was able to say "and by the grace of God I have a husband!" I loved being able to share our story in a nutshell.

The nutshell version? Gary "became a Christian" when we were first dating. I had been saved at the age of five and grew up in the church. He was very much stuck in sin that went unaddressed and did not grow in his relationship with the Lord. I allowed my growth to be stunted by his stunted growth and together we made four kids and a big mess. But God was working on us and brought us through many, many things, including a separation, to bring us back to Him. And now He's brought us back to each other.

So, did I mention that I love our bible studies?

I have thoughts that stuck out to me about the actual bible study this morning, but I'll have to write that later!


Kristin said...

I love that you love your Bible Study already! And I love that you were able to say that you have a husband! And I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the Bible Study! I can honestly say that a big part of the reason why I have even the slightest bit of hope for our marriage is because of what I've seen God do with yours!