Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not Me Monday!

MckMama has a fun little "game" on her blog, My Charming Kids. She and her readers post all of the things the claim they didn't do. Very fun.

Now I, myself, really have nothing to add. I mean, what would I possibly have done that I would be embarrassed to admit? Nothing really.

Because I certainly did not stay up until 1am decorating a birthday cake and then get lazy Sunday morning. I did not take Rachel's diaper off in the morning only to later have Aly remind me of Rachel's bare-bottom when I asked her to buckle Rachel in her car seat. That just would never have happened. And I cerainly did not drive half way to church before it occured to me that I hadn't put Rachel's shoes on. Nope. I did not ask the kids if Rachel's shoes were on and they did not tell me "no." My van is not starting to become a "junk drawer" on wheels so I did not find another pair of shoes for her when we got to church. I did not have to carry her into the building when the shoes didn't fit and she started lagging behind at a snail's pace (or possibly slower). No way. Not me!

So, like I said, I have nothing to contribute to the game, but it's still fun to read everyone else's!

(Oh, and here's a picture of the cake! - you know, the one I did not stay up late decorating.)

disclaimer: I decorated this cake exactly the way Geneva requested it. She was very specific about each and every detail and I was just glad she didn't go with her original choice which was "Cheetah Girls". That would have been a challenge.


Tabi said...

You crack me up! That is great! Too bad the shoes didn't fit!! Great Job on the cake!

Tabi said...

Nope, I broke down and shaved them!! My hubby appreciated that greatly!!

Rachel said...

Okay... so you say on your testimony post that people wouldn't be able to read your writing - but I disagree if your writing is on that beautiful cake!

I love the shoes in the van story... not like it really happened or anything, but it's funny all the same! :)