Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I'm Not Emailing...Right Now

Every now and then, or more often than that, I receive emails from "Willa", "Theresa", and "Verna", among others. They are often written in a different language. Despite this communication barrier, I am fairly confident that they are trying to sell me something that enhances...something.

Fortunately, McAfee is looking out for me and sends these messages to a separate folder for me to delete.

Today, I am wishing that I could contact these email senders and find out who their email service provider is. You see, my email service provider has decided in the last few days that all of my outgoing mail is SPAM. And then refuses to allow my mail to be "sent."

"The girls" don't seem to have that problem.

Now, my email service provider has a wonderful help section. I looked up my "error code" and read all about "what to do." Apparently, if you feel your email has been flagged as SPAM in error (yes, I do) then you are to send the email to their special email address and they will...well, I don't know what they will do.

That is great.

The problem won't let me send emails!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had to write about this. It is really just a minor nuisance and will soon be fixed, but it makes me laugh.