Saturday, August 9, 2008

How Sheepish of Me!

I've been spending the day cleaning and thoughts of our recent fun at the doctor's office started running through my head. I decided a break was in order. This story is something I don't want to forget, so I'm putting it down here as much for myself as for anyone who might read it.

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to sit and have a really great talk with Aly and her friend Megan. One of the many things we discussed was the fact that God refers to us as sheep and talked about why that is. Of course it can be summed up by "sheep are stupid."

Aly has since coined the phrase, "Well, that was sheepish," whenever someone does something that falls into the category of "stupid."

Then, just a week ago, Gary heard a Christian comedian on the radio. He heard Ken Davis on Focus on the Family and if you want to hear it, just click here and go to the daily broadcast for August 1. I won't go into all that he talks about because you really just need to hear him. Gary and I listened to it and I don't remember when I've laughed so hard.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning. I was driving the kids to the park in between doctor appointments. Rachel had a 9am appt. with her ear doctor and we had some time to kill before Garrett's school physical. We had Megan and Josh with us so it was a van full of much conversation. From the very back I heard Aidan and Garrett discussing career choices with Josh. They were trying to convince him to become a comedian when grew up.

So, I thought I'd help them out. I told Josh that he could be a Christian comedian, making people laugh and sharing God's word with them at the same time. Here's where I did something "sheepish." I shared with them the Ken Davis stories about sheep (especially about Herman).

Not surprising, the kids were bursting with laughter. (Oh, and Josh agreed to become a comedian when he grew up.)

We spent some time at the playground and headed back to the doctor office for appointment #2. By this time everyone was in an extremely silly mood. They were having such a good time that all we were missing were party hats and a cake. Fortunately, the doctor was amused and not annoyed with all the fun happening in the room.

Just to give you an idea of what kind of fun I'm talking about, Garrett asked the nurse if she was going to shoot him with a tranquilizer and later claimed to be in control of his reflexes because, as he said with his hands on his head, "I can read my own mind!"

And then a fight broke out. Aidan and Garrett both wanted to tell the doctor something. I was about to have to stand up and get in between them to break up the brawl (it didn't really get that bad) when someone blurted it out..."Did you know God thinks we're stupid!"

I don't think that was God's command to us...go into all the world and tell people I think they're stupid?

So. No more Ken Davis comedy for them. It's back to the family devotions I think.