Friday, August 15, 2008

I Have a Button!

Okay, I'm having way too much fun with my blog now.

I just added a button to the sidebar. If you click the picture you will be sent to "Mck Mama's" blog. Here's the story...

I came across her blog by clicking the button on someone else's blog. I have really enjoyed her posts and have been praying for her and her "due in November" baby. Stellan.

She was just recently sent home from the hospital after spending 2 weeks (I can't remember the exact amount of time) there. You really need to get the story from her. But the really, really quick version is that Stellan has/had heart problems. They were told he would surely die when he developed a heart block that could not be reversed. Until it did. She is being closely monitored at home and I wanted to help share her story so that more prayers can be said for Stellan's little life!

On a lighter note, I also have tickers up to watch the kids grow...actually, it's more like watching them age, but that sounds strange.

Like I said, I'm having way too much fun!