Friday, August 15, 2008

Is It Summer Yet?

I just added a clock to my sidebar! Ironically, now I have time on my blog but in my day I am running out of it!

It is not quite lunch time and we have already learned the names of 3 teachers, been to 2 schools, and explored 1 classroom.

Aly was anxious to find out if she and her best friend would be in the same class and also anxious to find out if her classroom would actually be inside the building. Last year she was in the portables and had to go outside when they went to lunch/library/gym/bathroom breaks. We called her classroom the port-o-potties and joked that they didn't want her in the building.

Well, this year, she made the cut!!! They let her in! She's not in her best friend's class but she's 2 doors down. She is one happy camper!

Aidan is right next door to his first grade classroom from last year. Unfortunately we couldn't get into the room and couldn't see much from the window. We also forgot to look over his class list and check for friends.

Way down at the end of the last hallway, we found Garrett's Kindergarten classroom! It was open and his teacher, Mrs. S., was there with her mom. She told me that she just got back from a missions trip to Africa but our conversation was cut short by children (imagine that). I'll definitely have to talk to her more about that!

She has a large rug with large colored dots for their reading area. The first thing the kids said when they saw it was "Garrett! You get to play Twister!" So, we played Twister. Then Garrett decided that it looked more like a dance floor. Mrs. S. is in trouble.

Now we need to make a quick lunch so I can get started on some cakes. I have a horse cake to make for a friend's daughter and a "sky-diving cow" cake to make for Aly's birthday sleepover at the lake! (thank you to Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sandy!)

Aly is very much like me (which is not always a good thing)! Her creative juices are flowing and with summer vacation coming to a close, she is eager to fit in some extra special fun before the party's over. Her latest idea is that we should buy white t-shirts for everyone to decorate and each one should read "Is it summer yet?" She thinks it would be great fun for them all to wear on the first day of school.

Funny girl.