Monday, January 11, 2010

New Week's Resolution

Yes, "week's."

I have never been real big on New Year's resolutions. (I'm not even very big on celebrating "New Years"...I'm more of the "woo-hoo...can I go to bed now?" kind of girl, though I love any excuse to hang out with family and friends and this year we were blessed to have friends over on New Year's Eve as they passed through town!)

I think the last time I made a New Year's resolution was New Year's Eve 2001. I declared that in the year 2002 I was going to get in shape. Instead, I took a pregnancy test and, well, I did get into a shape...round.

So this year, I once again, did not make a New Year's resolution.

But I still have goals. And I really do want to achieve them.

So. I'm going to make new week's resolutions this year. Attainable baby steps.

The last time I tried to read through the Bible in a year, I made it through September. I was so close. Actually I quit when morning sickness started.

My goal this time is to read through the Old Testament in a year and study the New Testament.

Gary and I had listened to a John MacArthur sermon where he talked about reading a New Testament book each day for 30 days to really learn it and be familiar with it and know it. We are starting with 1 John in January. And Gary counted up all the chapters of the Old Testament and figured out if you read 4 chapters a day you can finish in a year (or just under). I've decided to try to read 5 chapters a day because I know full well that there are days I will miss. It's just going to happen.

So. My New Week's Resolutions for this week are:

Be in the Word 4 mornings this week. (Baby steps, remember?)
Clean out my refrigerator and 1 closet.
Paint something.

Happy New Week everyone!