Friday, January 22, 2010

About a "Blank"

13 days.

That is how long Rachel's favorite "blank" has been missing.

It's gone missing before but we've always known where it could be found. For example, we knew it was in the house somewhere. Or we knew we left it at church.

This time?

I know that it is gone forever.

We had gone to the bowling alley to drop Garrett off at a party. Then to Michael's and on to the library. And finally back to the bowling alley to pick up Garrett.

I have checked with each place and torn the van apart. I even walked the aisles of Michael's checking behind things on shelves.

I was absolutely sick over it. The thought that we would never have it back crushed me.

Her "blank" went everywhere that she did. It was with her when she went in for her surgery. It was made out of the fabric and binding that Garrett had chosen for her when I was pregnant with her. And in the last almost 4 years, it has become a part of her.

I have prayed about this missing "blank."

And God answered with a sweet reminder that I have my little girl. I cried thinking about the mom's who are holding baby blankets and missing sweet babies.

So. The "blank" is gone. It stinks. But I have my little girl.

With a new focus and great peace, I dug through my fabric bin and found the scrap I had left of the original material. We headed out today on a mission. We stopped for a happy meal with Grandma first and then hit the fabric section of Walmart. Why Walmart? Well, that's where the original fabric came from and a little piece of my heart was hoping they would still have it.

They didn't.

But that's okay.

Here's a summary of our shopping trip.

Red thread: $1.49

Blanket Binding: $3.98

1/2 yard of the fabric Rachel chose: $1.49

Making a replacement "blank" while my girl looked on: PRICELESS!