Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Proud to Say I'm Humbled!

God is amazing. I mean really, really amazing. There aren't words that do Him justice.

I wonder, can anyone know Him, even slightly, and not be completely humbled?

Do you know of His power? Have you read Job? If you have, can you watch lightning in quite the same way? If you haven't, do you have a Bible? You should. Do both, have a Bible and read Job.

Have you read Genesis? Did you notice that He spoke everything into existence? His words have the power to cause things to be that weren't. His mind has the power to imagine these things in the first place. And His breath has the power to give life!

Have you read the gospels? He sent His Son into this world to complete His perfect plan of salvation. Have you heard how many prophesies Jesus fulfilled in His 33 years here? If you have, have you heard what the odds are that His life fulfilled all of those prophesies by chance?

God can do anything. Except sin. Which is how Jesus blood has the power to set us free! Have you read Romans? The wages of sin is death. And we all have sinned. That was my death He died. That was my fate. Leaving this world while God turned His back because He couldn't look at my sin. And then entering into an eternity apart from Him. That was supposed to be me. But He sent His Son instead. His Son was perfect, without sin. He took my punishment for my sin, because He had the power to conquer death and hell. He had the power to take my full punishement upon Himself and yet not be defeated by it.

He is amazing. Really, really amazing.

And I am humbled, because I know who He is. And I know what He's done. And I know He did it for me.

He also did it for you.


Kristin said...

This made me think of Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Speechless". Thank you for reminding me not to take for granted what God has given- especially since I don't deserve it in the first place!!!