Friday, May 30, 2008

My Hope

I have to tell you some background on me and blogging. I started reading a few different blogs in the last two or three months. One has been especially inspiring to me. It is the story of Audrey Caroline, as told by her mother, Angie. It is absolutely beautiful in a heart-breaking way. What I love the most about reading Angie's blog is that each time I do, I find myself wanting more. Not more of Angie's blog, but rather, more of Jesus. More of Him and less of me.

My husband and I have just recently reconciled after a year and a half separation. Those months are the most painful healing I have ever experienced and I thank God for bringing us through them. I'm sure there will be more on that later, but for now, I say all that to share the reason I started a blog.

As we grew closer to the day my husband would come home, God made a suggestion. And I'm glad I listened. I told Gary that I wanted us each to start a blog. Something that only the two of us could read. I love to write and felt a strong desire to pour myself out on paper, well, in print anyway. He had also been struggling with feeling like he couldn't make sense of his thoughts and was equally excited about the idea. It was such a blessing. It allowed us to let everything out and share it with each other. I felt like I could finally get to know him deeper. I felt more connected. And on a side note, I felt like he needs to blog more often! (hint, hint.)

Eventually, my writing became more than just sharing myself with Gary. I felt a nudge to open up my blog to others. As I grow closer to the Lord, I feel an overwhelming desire to impact others. If I've learned anything from and about my God, I don't want to be selfish with it. I want to pass it on.

So, I have started a new blog and will soon, with Gary's help (yet another hint, hint), move old posts here to the new one. My old blog with Gary can truly be just between us, and here I can share myself with family, friends, and anyone else God sends this way.

My hope is that if you get to know me, you will know Jesus.


Jodi said...

I'm so glad you are doing this. Thanks for letting us in. You have grown so much, I am amazed (said sincerely). I can't wait to hear more about you, your family and God!

Kristin said...

That is exactly the case Robin! No one who knows anything about you can help but to see Jesus in you!!! (Not because of you but because of the grace of God!)