Monday, April 19, 2010

I Have Nothing to Say

Sort of.

Not really.

I have plenty to say. I just can't seem to put any of it on a page.

I thought I'd just sit down and start to write anything and maybe I'd end up writing something.

Obviously, it is not working out like I'd hoped.

I got nothin'.

My thoughts are everywhere and I feel like the dogs in the movie "Up" yelling "SQUIRREL!" in middle of a conversation.

I love that movie.


Still nothing.

So, what topics are racing around in my mind and heart?

Let's see.

There's a dear friend from church who is home from the hospital. With hospice care. I hate that. If it's her time I just wish God would come grab her right now, so she could skip the pain and just get to the part where she meets Jesus!

She gets to meet Jesus soon!!! Well, that is not going to help me write...that just leaves me speechless.


Gary and I are discussing homeschooling next year. I don't like making decisions. I want to have the decision made so I can just be at peace with whatever it is. I'm so worried about making a mistake. Taking them out when I shouldn't or leaving them in public school when I shouldn't. Sigh.


Emily is walking. In just over a month she'll be ONE! It just doesn't seem possible. At all. I go back and forth between not wanting her to be growing so fast and being excited to celebrate her first year on May 30. As soon as Rachel's birthday party was over (March 28) I started planning Emily's cake :o). I still haven't decided. I have too many ideas! The first and second birthday cakes are my favorite because I get to decide what they will be! Once they hit 3 then they tell me what they want on their cake...which is equally as fun but the artist in me likes the opportunity to do my own thing! Rachel, this year, wanted a princess castle. That was a blast!


I am typing this on Gary's laptop. I love it but I can't type well on this thing. Makes me nuts.

Or just more nuts.

VBS is coming up in June and I'm so excited to be doing crafts again. We always have so much fun. AWANA is ending in two weeks...oh! I had the opportunity to pray with a little boy to accept Jesus!!! How cool is that? I love this kid!

Speaking of kids, I also get to start teaching sunday school again. I took a year off when Emily was born. I've been enjoying being a part of the adult class but I've missed the preschoolers.

I've rambled on and now Emily is up from her morning nap. But I also know what I want to write about that has been on my heart lately.

"I feel you. I hear you. Great God unseen, I see you."

More on that later.

I hope.