Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Well, first off, I did not just check MckMama's website and decide not to bother posting a NotMeMonday post just because 140 people are ahead of me so what's the point? I did not do that because I have never secretly hoped to be one of the first to silly!

After a few minutes and remembering a few things I did not do this week, I did not change my mind and decide that I'd better write about them anyway.

I certainly did not decide that it would be a good idea on Friday afternoon to bake cookies for our church movie night and hang a new sliding door curtain rod and curtains at the same time. That would have been insane and how could I work in our little kitchen with cooling racks, cookie sheets, screwdrivers and an electric drill all sharing the space on the kitchen table? (Although the cookies were delicious and I love our new drapes!)

I also did not buy new curtains because the last ones started ripping at the top and only 2 of the 4 panels were left, and they were a few inches too short because I had washed and dried them. Nope. We haven't been living with short drapes that only covered half of the back sliding door for 2 years. Not me!

I also did not see my midwife on Wednesday and tell her how my back pain had suddenly disappeared the week before. She didn't ask if I had done the exercises she had suggested and I didn't give her a blank stare and ask "what exercises?" (I really don't think she mentioned exercises.) I also didn't suddenly remember that the day before my back pain ended I had spent the entire day in the yard cleaning it up for winter. Yeah, my midwife laughed and told me that I had indeed done the exercises!

I also have not been slacking in my housework because I have had no energy since becoming pregnant. I did not finally start feeling my energy coming back and get on a cleaning kick on Saturday. It did not become apparent just how lacking I have been when I found "little frog" by the entryway.

A moment of silence.

He must have tried so hard to be free.

He almost made it.



McNeelyFive said...

I love Pizza, it is so easy!! Thanks for the comment!

amanda said...

thanks for visiting my blog! hope your pregnancy 'non-energy' ends soon. because we all know it comes back all too soon again at the end. and really does it ever end? lol. we just get used to it i think! congrats on the baby though. i already miss the baby inside me!!

Keyona said...

Awww...poor little froggie.

blessingsandglory said...

I never multi-task either...way to go on the cookies and drape hanging! Hope you get your energy back soon.

Kristin said...

Have I told you how thankful I am that you are my friend? I love it that you hang curtains and bake cookies at the same time! I'm glad that you finally found Little Frog. I actually forgot that he had escaped until I read that! At least now you know where he was....