Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Date With "86"

Yes, we saw "Get Smart"!!! I loved the t.v. show when I was a kid. The movie was great!

There were parts that made me laugh so hard that I kept laughing about them well after they were over. I could go on and on, reciting my favorite lines, but instead, I'm going to tell you about after the movie.

"86" and I walked out of the theater together. Still laughing. Because of his work schedule, the movie time, and the location of Grandma's house, we had driven to the theater separately. I had been running late (I know that's a real surprise) so I had not bothered to drive around looking for a good parking spot. He had found a nice close spot and I was quite a hike away. He was going to walk me to the van and I pointed him in the right direction. At least it seemed like the right direction.

We walked and walked. And walked. But we were still laughing and reciting our favorite lines from the movie, so it took quite a while to realize that we were not finding the van. Finally he took my keys and we laughed about the fact that we were about to "panic". It really tickles me that my key has a button on it marked "panic". Just strikes me funny.

So, now we're laughing about our situation instead of movie lines and finally, the van begins to call out to us.

Saved! We found the van. Now, we had been close enough for the "panic" button to turn on the alarm so we found it extremely funny that we were apparently not close enough to turn it off!

Still laughing, still listening to the van alarm, Gary, I mean "86", fumbles with the keys. And just as we come up to where there is a sewage drain in the road...he drops them.

Do you know what we laughed about then?

"He missed it by that much."