Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

I am so excited about summer that you'd think it was me who just finished up a year of tests and quizzes. Months of quiet lines. Lines for lunch. Lines for the bathroom. Lines for recess, music class, gym class. Oh, the lines!

And open yard begging feet to run wild.

Well, anyway, I thought I'd share the letter I typed up today for my friends who bless me with a job. I gave it to them as a "let you in on what the summer holds" kind of note. Enjoy!


In an effort to become somewhat organized and to enjoy my summer as much as I know our children will, I have devised a plan.

Each day of the week has a theme. The themes will remain the same each week.

Mug-shot Monday: we will spend a little part of the day taking some pictures (I predict very, very silly pictures)

Tasty Tuesday: the kids will choose ahead of time a new/fun/favorite recipe for us all to bake/cook/concoct and taste. (We will also be sharing with you so plan your work-out schedule accordingly)

Whadawedo Wednesday: I could not come up with a catchy Wednesday theme so I settled on this. It is pronounced whad da we do? As in, the kids don’t know what they will be doing because it’s my day to surprise them. It may be anything from tie-dying shirts to a scavenger get the picture.

Theater Thursday: my plan is to get myself to the movie rental place on Wednesday nights to rent a new movie for us to watch. (If you ever have a movie your kids enjoy and that they would like to share with us, that will work too. I will also take suggestions and honor restrictions, although I think we are always pretty much on the same page.)

and finally

Foto-page Friday: when we will take those great mug-shots and put together a scrapbook page. My hope is that when everyone heads back to school in August they will each have a fun little memory book of their summer.

Thanks for sharing your kids with me!!


p.s. – those were the themes I told the kids to get them excited about coming, here’s the real list:

mop-my-floors monday

tackle-laundry tuesday

wipe-down wednesday (as in toilets, sinks, counters...)

thirty-dollars-buys-you-lunch thursday

and finally

fan-Robin-poolside-and-bring-her-drinks-and-bon-bons friday (non-alcoholic of course)

It’s going to be a great summer!!!